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History of Valleyview

posted by: Paradise Inn and Suites Valleyview on: February 20, 2014 3:10:32 PM

Habitants of the Canadian West have always been tough. Braving the elements and the uncertainty of moving to new, untamed lands, they were true pioneers. Our town of Valleyview has a rich history, fuelled by first nations people, fur traders and immigrant settlers.

Like much of the Canadian west, the Valleyview area’s first inhabitants were First Nations people. The Cree Indians have occupied the area around Valleyview for countless centuries. As early as the 1770s, Cree Indians began trading animal furs to the Hudson’s Bay Company and soon after, a fur trading post was established on the edge of Sturgeon Lake.

After the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, many European setters flocked to western Canada to start a new life—they arrived in Valleyview like they did many other western settlements. Discovering that the soils of the area were primed for growing and taking advantage of the extended sunlight during summer months, agriculture took off. The now-thriving settlement officially named itself Valleyview in 1929, paying homage to its beautiful surroundings.

Not much changed in Valleyview until oil and natural gas were discovered some decades later. Valleyview again saw a boom as energy companies began extracting in the region and started using the services that Valleyview provided. Valleyview grew quickly from hamlet to village to town in a matter of a few years.

Today, Valleyview is a thriving town that boasts continues to hold strong ties to forestry, agriculture and the energy sector. Known as a to the Peace Region, it is a land of opportunity for those who wish to take it. Come explore our town and discover what makes it such a great place to be. While you’re here, book a room at the Paradise Inn & Suites. We’ll keep you comfortable with a variety of amenities and rooms and friendly staff.

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