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Athletes Unite! Active Events to Experience in Valleyview this March

posted by: Paradise Inn and Suites Valleyview on: January 22, 2020 3:20:51 PM

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The winter months bring a spell of cold weather to the town of Valleyview, but our hardy local residents still find creative ways to stay active. Whether you’re a dedicated runner, a hockey hobbyist or a biking enthusiast, Valleyview has two events coming up in March that will challenge and delight those with an athletic spirit. If you’re visiting our town, attending these events as a spectator is a great chance to get a sense of our local community spirit!

12th Annual Valleyview Cup

Hockey runs deep in Canada’s national spirit. Across the country, there exists a seemingly endless appetite for playing, watching and celebrating our most popular national sport. This passion for the game is alive and well in Valleyview. This March the town will host The Valleyview Cup, an annual two-day hockey tournament which supports the Northern Alberta Make a Wish Foundation. The tournament, now in its' 12th year will be held at the Polar Palace, an ice arena which also offers public skating and other events throughout the year. Come on down and watch our teams compete from the stands in a unique visitor’s experience!

Greenview Indoor Triathlon

On March 14th, swimmers, bikers and runners will get together in teams to compete in the Greenview Indoor Triathlon. Unlike traditional multisport races, which are measured by distance, each leg of this triathlon will be completed within a set amount of time in which participants attempt to cover as much of the track as possible. This event will be held at the Greenview Regional Multiplex, an indoor recreational facility which houses a swimming pool, a fitness facility and a 136-metre indoor track.
Whether you're looking for active participation in adventures that test your athletic prowess, or choose to cheer on a favorite team, there are exciting sports events in the city even during these chilly months. Perhaps you may opt for relaxation at Paradise Inn and Suites where you'll have a premium stay experience during your visit to Valleyview. We offer our guests superb amenities to ensure a wonderful home-away-from-home experience, which includes quality bedding, free high-speed Wi-Fi, heated indoor pool, hot tub, a 24-hour Tim Hortons on the premises and so much more. Inquire about our pet-friendly rooms. Book your stay with us today!
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